Submission Spending Cap Peoples Veto Bill cover

Submission: Spending Cap (People's Veto) Bill

A submission on the Spending Cap (People's Veto) Bill to require a voter referendum to approve any real per capita increase in core Crown operating spending and proposed strengthening measures. Read more

New Zealand Business Roundtable
2 December, 2011
Submission Regulatory Standards Bill

Submission: Regulatory Standards Bill

The Taskforce has produced a report and draft Bill of exceptional quality. The Bill provides the best current option for improving regulatory quality, even though on its own it is no panacea. It may be capable of improvement as it passes through parliament. On this basis we recommend strongly that it should proceed. Read more

New Zealand Business Roundtable
16 August, 2011
Submission New Zealands 2050 Emissions Reduction Target cover

Submission: New Zealand’s 2050 Emissions Reduction Target

This is a submission by the Major Electricity Users’ Group and the New Zealand Business Roundtable on the paper “Gazetting New Zealand’s 2050 Emissions Target - Minister’s Position Paper” released 29th January 2011 by the Minister for Climate Change Issues along with a media release “50 by 50 emissions reduction target proposed”. Read more

Ralph Matthes and Roger Kerr
3 March, 2011
Submission Welfare Working Group Long Term Benefit Dependency The Options cover

Submission: Welfare Working Group paper Reducing Long-Term Benefit Dependency: The Options

We see the issue of welfare dependency and welfare costs as hugely important – economically, fiscally and socially. The WWG’s work should be seen in the context of the precarious current economic situation, with an anaemic GDP growth outlook and dangerous external vulnerabilities due to very high foreign indebtedness. Within a short period of time demographic trends will add to fiscal pressures with the prospect of higher government spending on superannuation, health and welfare. Read more

New Zealand Business Roundtable
23 December, 2010
Submission Financial Markets Regulators and KiwiSaver cover

Submission: Financial Markets (Regulators and KiwiSaver) Bill

The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) has the potential to play a positive role in relation to New Zealand’s financial markets provided that its approach to the exercise of its significant regulatory powers is measured and responsible. Read more

New Zealand Business Roundtable
16 November, 2010
Submission Savings Working Group cover

Submission: Savings Working Group

The Business Roundtable welcomes the establishment of the Savings Working Group. We think there has been much mistaken analysis around savings over the past decade, especially by the Treasury, and that as a result, costly policies have been based on false premises. Read more

New Zealand Business Roundtable
24 September, 2010
Submission Holidays Amendment Bill cover

Submission: Holidays Amendment Bill

Holidays legislation remains complex and difficult to administer. It is far less problematical in many countries, including Australia. Moreover, the costs associated with the additional week’s leave have slowed the rate of real wage growth for affected workers. Read more

New Zealand Business Roundtable
22 September, 2010

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