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Real action, not empty words: How to make the Zero Carbon Bill about cutting emissions

New Zealand could be a leader in global emissions reduction. We could lower global emissions by far more than we contribute. We could achieve net zero emissions sooner than 2050. We must simply be prepared to do what works by partnering with or funding the best sources of emissions reduction and removals wherever they are in the world. That might be re-planting the Amazon, capturing carbon in British Colombia, building solar farms in outback Australia, or planting trees in Northland. Read more

Matt Burgess
6 November, 2019

Media Release: Zero Carbon Bill fails the climate

As Parliament rushes the final stages of the Government’s Zero Carbon Bill, a new report by think tank The New Zealand Initiative warns the Bill is so seriously flawed that it could raise emissions. Read more

Media Release
6 November, 2019

Media Release: Less talk and more political action needed to solve road congestion in NZ

Bold policy changes in the form of congestion pricing, which charges drivers higher road user rates at peak times in overcrowded routes, can solve New Zealand’s shocking congestion problems, says a new report from The New Zealand Initiative.The Price is Right: The road to a better transport system provides compelling evidence that without proper road user pricing, congestion will continue to increase in our urban centres. Read more

Media Release
5 November, 2019
OH AM Show 5 Nov 2019

The case for congestion charging

Dr Oliver Hartwich speaks on The AM Show about our latest report, The Price is Right: The road to a better transport system, and highlights how an effective road pricing system (congestion charging), in place of current fuel taxes we pay would benefit drivers, and reduce our shocking congestion problem. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
The AM Show
5 November, 2019

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