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Media Release: Tweaks to the decile funding model not the solution

Abolishing New Zealand’s decile-based school funding system may get rid of the decile stigma of some schools. However, it does nothing to address the underlying issues, says a new research note by think tank The New Zealand Initiative. Authored by the Initiative’s chief economist Dr Eric Crampton, Seeing the problem, but missing the point, explains that more work should be done to analyse the performance of New Zealand’s schools. Read more

Media Release
25 September, 2019
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Knowledge is the answer

During a visit to a new London charter school in 2015, then-Mayor Boris Johnson sparred with a 12-year-old over the year the Roman Empire converted to Christianity (313 AD). Johnson was wrong (by a year) and dumbstruck by the knowledge of the inner-city children. As the future prime minister put it, the Michaela Community School showed “the way forward for our city and our country.” Read more

Briar Lipson
The National Business Review
6 September, 2019

Drinking freedom

The very best part of grad school was the drinking. Well, not so much the drinking. Too often, the beer was stuff that would make an Export Gold taste like Export Gold had taste. It was the arguing about economics, over beer, until close to sunrise, with other people who cared deeply about ideas. That was heaven – despite the bad beer. Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
Insights Newsletter
30 August, 2019

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