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Leonard Hong

Research Assistant

Leonard joins The New Zealand Initiative as a Research Assistant. In 2019, Leonard completed his BA/BCom Conjoint degree at The University of Auckland. He majored in Politics & International Relations, History, Economics, and International Business. Previously he has worked as a research intern at The Centre for Independent Studies on economic, cultural, and global affairs.

Leonard is also a current member of the National Unification Advisory Council within the Korean Consulate in Auckland. 

He is currently working on a research project for The New Zealand Initiative that investigates the effects of demographics changes on the housing market.

Latest reports:
Research Note: Lessons from East Asia's Covid-19 Containment (2020)
Research Note: Lessons from Abroad: Taiwan's Covid-19 Containment Model (2020)
Research Note: Lessons from abroad: South Korea's Covid-19 containment model (2020)
Research Note: Lessons from abroad: Singapore’s Covid-19 containment model (2020)


Phone: 04 499 0790

Email: leonard.hong@nzinitiative.org.nz

Recent Work

Safe Arrivals Cover2

Research Note: Safe Arrivals

Up to a million Kiwis live overseas with a right to return to New Zealand. While the country is now effectively free of Covid-19, with cases only in the country’s quarantine facilities, the pandemic rages abroad and is unlikely to abate anytime soon. Even if a vaccine is developed this year, scaling up its production will take time. In the meantime, the Government must scale up its own capabilities and capacity within its managed isolation and quarantine facilities.This report provides... Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
Research Note
24 July, 2020
Beehive with flag16

Political distraction

If the Covid-19 pandemic had happened in a non-election year, would this or any Government’s response have been different? At the best of times, election campaigning can be a distraction for politicians. But supposing the Government’s first decision early this year after it learned of the approaching pandemic was to postpone the election by perhaps six months, might leadership decisions have been more focused? After all, it is hard to see how a fragmented parliament spending precious energy on politics... Read more

Insights newsletter
10 July, 2020
Trump cards

Card games in a post-truth World

When in the US earlier this year, I came across many souvenirs mocking the country’s leader, including a card game called, Trump Cards: The Wackiest Game of Fake News. It looked like a fun party card game in which players tried to pick out 'Fake News' from real quotes by President Donald Trump. A player receives one point for a correct answer and zero for incorrect answers. So, let’s break out the card game and test your abilities. Read more

Insights Newsletter
26 June, 2020
Research Note Lessons from East Asias Covid 19 Containment 1

Research Note: Lessons from East Asia's Covid-19 Containment

Since the first cases of the Covid-19 virus emerged in the Chinese province of Wuhan, several East Asian countries including Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan have successfully 'flattened the curve' of infection rates. The three countries used common public policies in the first 50 days since each registered their 100th case. Read more

Joel Hernandez
Research Note
25 May, 2020
Research Note Lessons from Abroad Taiwans Covid 19 Containment Model 1

Research Note: Lessons from Abroad: Taiwan's Covid-19 Containment Model

Alongside South Korea, Taiwan is one of the few countries to “flatten the curve” of Covid-19 without a national lockdown due to its prior experience with the SARS epidemic of 2003. New Zealand’s pathway is similar to Taiwan’s and there are lessons to be learned as New Zealand moves into Alert Level 2. Last week, Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters suggested creating “international bubbles” for countries with Covid-19 success to introduce new trade connections and travel links. Read more

Joel Hernandez
Research Note
12 May, 2020
Lessons from abroad South Koreas Covid 19 Containment Model 1

Research Note: Lessons from abroad: South Korea's Covid-19 Containment Model

As the world struggles to contain Covid-19, many countries are at different stages of containment and mitigation since registering their first 100 cases. Some, like South Korea, are more than a month further ahead compared with New Zealand and could offer a good example of what might be expected as New Zealand transitions out of Alert Level 4 lockdown. As of April 20, South Korea is 91 days into its Covid-19 response compared to New Zealand's 52 days. Read more

Joel Hernandez
Research Note
23 April, 2020
Podcast image10

Podcast #8: Leonard Hong on Singapore’s Covid-19 containment model

The world has had mixed success containing Covid-19 with Singapore as a standout example during the early phases of the pandemic. Our Research Assistant Leonard Hong talks to chief editor Nathan Smith about Singapore’s approach and shares the lessons for New Zealand. Read more

Nathan Smith
9 April, 2020
Lessons from abroad Singapores Covid19 Containment Model 1

Research Note: Lessons from abroad: Singapore’s Covid-19 Containment Model

Singapore has set a high standard for dealing with Covid-19 and despite its decision to enter a lockdown this week, New Zealand can learn a lot from the country, according to a new report Lessons from abroad: Singapore’s Covid-19 containment model from the New Zealand Initiative.Although Singapore has enacted a “circuit breaker” lockdown to defend against some new sources of coronavirus, it could make this choice due to its earlier efforts to identify, control and contain the pandemic threatening its... Read more

Research Note
8 April, 2020
Effective Treatment Public policy prescription for a pandemic 1

Research Note: Effective Treatment: Public policy prescription for a pandemic

Unless effective treatment for the novel coronavirus Covid-19 emerges quickly, the world faces not only misery but economic depression. New Zealand will be immune to neither. The normal economic uncertainties of a downturn will be compounded by the uncertainties of a pandemic. Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
Research Note
26 March, 2020

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