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Luke Redward

Research Intern

Luke is a law student at Victoria University of Wellington, currently entering his fourth year of study. Previously, he worked in the office of the Shadow Attorney-General doing policy research around various legal and Māori related issues. Luke’s areas of interest are in the area of Constitutional reform, Māori affairs, and LGBTQI+ advocacy. 

Luke is currently working on a research paper that investigates the democratic systems of New Zealand.

Phone: 04 499 0790


Recent Work


Committed to making New Zealand the safest country?

In a Select Committee this week, then-Police Commissioner Mike Bush expressed his unwillingness to release the “complex” guidelines his officers are using to enforce lockdown. Now, I don’t know about you, but the idea of the police with secret regulations you can’t break doesn’t spark joy in my life. Also, with all due respect Commissioner, if you admitting the regulations are complex, how do you expect your officers to uphold them? What is most shocking, however, is his admission that... Read more

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3 April, 2020


Some of us have been training for a scenario like this our entire lives! Coronavirus has hit and in the early public reaction to the outbreak, there are already talks of a possible nation-wide quarantine or “self-isolation” policy. I may be an introverted troglodyte, but I’m not selfish. I don’t wish to be a part of the unnecessary spread of this disease. So, I am here to spill trade secrets from my introversion on how to safely keep yourself occupied... Read more

Insights Newsletter
13 March, 2020

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