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Dr Oliver Hartwich

Executive Director

Oliver is the Executive Director of The New Zealand Initiative. Before joining the Initiative, he was a Research Fellow at the Centre for Independent Studies in Sydney, the Chief Economist at Policy Exchange in London, and an advisor in the UK House of Lords. Oliver holds a Master’s degree in Economics and Business administration and a PhD in Law from Bochum University in Germany.

Oliver is available to comment on all of the Initiative’s research areas.

Latest reports:
Research Note: The Unreserved Bank of New Zealand: Why unorthodox monetary policy needs boundaries (2019)
#localismNZ: Bringing power to the people (2019)
Submission: Future of Tax
Submission: Overseas Investment Amendment Bill (2018)
Go Swiss: Learnings from The New Zealand Initiative's visit to Switzerland (2017)
Manifesto 2017: What the next New Zealand Government should do (2017)
Why Europe Failed (2015)

Phone: +64 4 499 0790


Recent Work

working group

Working group enlightenment

It took New Zealand to disprove the entire body of political science.For millennia, political philosophy was thought to be about the dual question of who rules and for what purpose. Over this question, wars were fought, revolutions triggered and kings beheaded.Not any longer. New Zealand politics reveals the essence of politics is not to rule while preventing anyone else from ruling.To achieve this political enlightenment, one has to be elected ... Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
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9 October, 2020

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